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Stool, Green / Pink Splatter, Art. no. 14145

7 reviews

Design by Max Lamb

The Last Stool is one of our most beloved and most enduring products. Designer Max Lamb set out to make the “last” stool—the most durable, most elemental, most functional, most definitive object. The stool is spun from a single sheet of metal, making it incredibly strong, and each has a wide indentation for easy lifting and movement. The Last Stool is for sitting—it works around every type of table and in every kind of interior—but consider it as a handsome occasional table, too. Choose between beautiful copper or brass, whose surface will elegantly patina over time; single-color enamel for an immediate chromatic punctuation mark; or a hand-splattered enamel finish, where each stool is unique.

£419(incl. VAT)


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7 reviews

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