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Woods and cork

Natural woods like beech, ash, oak, and walnut lends a natural grace to our chairs and tables and allows them to grow with you

Pressed Beech

Pressed Beech Natural Lacquered Beech

Natural Lacquered Beech

Pressed Beech Green Lacquered Beech

Green Lacquered Beech

Pressed Beech Black Lacquered Beech

Black Lacquered Beech

Pressed Beech Blue Lacquered Beech

Blue Lacquered Beech

Solid Ash

Solid Ash Black Lacquered Ash

Black Lacquered Ash

Solid Ash White Lacquered Ash

White Lacquered Ash

Solid Ash Stained White Lacquered Ash

Stained White Lacquered Ash

Solid Ash Natural Lacquered Ash

Natural Lacquered Ash

Solid Walnut


Solid Oak

Oak Veneer