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Plate (Set of 2), Orange, Art. no. 30671

Design by Supergroup

Stocky, bulky and bold, Bronto tableware is a pleasing handful of ceramics. An ample mug and chunky espresso cup are immediately…



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Espresso Cup (Set of 4)
Mug (Set of 2)
Plate (Set of 2)

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A lifestyle image featuring Bronto Tableware - Espresso Cups, Mugs and Plates.
A lifestyle image of a dining scene featuring Bronto Tableware - Plates and Espresso Cups.

Reviews (2)

  1. Beautiful mugs

    Love these chunky mugs in bright colours!

  2. One of a kind!

    Colors are brilliant. Touch, feel and weight are all just right.


    December 27, 2022

    Happy to hear it!

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