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Fars Glas

Drinking Glass (Set of 2), Clear , Art. no. 31371

Design by Erik Höglund

Fars Glas, which translates to 'Father's Glass' in Swedish, is a collaborative effort between Kosta Boda and Hem to reinvigorate an iconic archival design. Originally conceived in 1969 by the famous Swedish glass designer Erik Höglund, this drinking glass captivates with its abundant proportions, bold simplicity, and reassuring durability. Crafted by skilled mouth-blown techniques using lead-free glass, Fars Glas emerges as an enduring design, suitable for any occasion and any tabletop, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The timeless and robust nature of the Fars Glas means it can be enjoyed for gatherings of generations to come.

£99(incl. VAT)


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An editorial image featuring Fars Glas (Set of 2) Drinking Glass, a collaboration between Kosta Boda and Hem.
[Fars Glas Drinking Glass (Set of 2)](/accessories/tableware/fars-glas/31371)

Fars Glas Drinking Glass (Set of 2)


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