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With a little help from Hem: the styling ABCs

We craft pieces that are imaginative, but that can also seamlessly integrate with your spaces and taste. Styling your Hem pieces effectively can transform your home into your sanctuary of luxury and comfort. Here are some of our expert tips to help you master the art of styling furniture.

A lifestyle image of a living room/lounge scene featuring Puffy Lounge Chair Sand/Traffic Red, Monster Rug, Stump Coffee Table Large, Stump Side Table, Boa Pouf Sulfur Yellow, Velvet Cushion Medium, and Monster Cushion Medium.

How to start:

If you’re overwhelmed with all the options, start with embracing neutral and light tones. Opt for moderate color palettes such as ivory, beige, taupe, or charcoal. Light furniture helps create a positive mood and often boasts contemporary silhouettes. They will not only create a sense of spaciousness, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for showcasing the beauty of your showstopper pieces or art, as well as your personal accessories.

4x5Crop 2023 09 Hem Palm Springs Pia Riverola 27
A lifestyle image of a lounge scene featuring Puffy Lounge Chair, Dune Rug, Palo Modular Sofa, and Key Side Table.
Puffy Lounge Chair, Sand Leather / Stainless (UK)
  • +5
PuffyLounge Chair, Sand Leather / Stainless (UK)
All Wood Stool Rocket, Ash
All WoodStool Rocket, Ash
Palo Lounger, Beige (UK)
  • +4
PaloLounger, Beige (UK)
Bon Pouf Round Large, Eggshell (UK)
Bon PoufRound Large, Eggshell (UK)
Key Side Table, Ash/White
  • +1
KeySide Table, Ash/White
Hunk Lounge Chair, Swan (UK)
HunkLounge Chair, Swan (UK)

Add layers:

Mix and layer materials for depth and visual interest: Incorporating various textures through different textiles, metals, leathers, lighting, and accessories, will help to add depth to your space. For example, you can pair a warm plush couch with a sleek cooler metal coffee table, or accessorize with a fury and fuzzy throw draped over the arms of a leather armchair. Mixing materials of different visual temperatures will add a visually pleasing dimension to your interiors.

4x5Crop Hem-ChloeWise-BFerry-20220915-565
A lifestyle image of a living room/lounge scene featuring Palo Modular Sofa, Monster Rug, Boa Pouf, Velvet Cushion, Crepe Cushions, and Puffy Lounge Chair.
Monster Rug Extra Large, Turquoise / Peach
MonsterRug Extra Large, Turquoise / Peach
Puffy Ottoman, Eggshell / Stainless (UK)
  • +2
PuffyOttoman, Eggshell / Stainless (UK)
Zig Zag Shelf Media, Walnut
Zig ZagShelf Media, Walnut
Velvet Cushion Medium, Light Blue
VelvetCushion Medium, Light Blue
Bon Pouf Round, Sawdust (UK)
  • +14
Bon PoufRound, Sawdust (UK)
Tig Hook Double
Tig HookDouble
Hide Pedestal, Red Brown
  • +4
HidePedestal, Red Brown

Play with contrasts:

Contrasts are key. Balance your sofa’s clean lines or rounded edges with oversized, fluffy pillows in rich tones or fun patterns. Similarly, juxtapose the smooth surfaces of light wooden furniture with more rugged, deeper elements like a woven rug or a bold leather ottoman. These contrasts add character and personality to your space while highlighting the distinctiveness of each furniture piece. No spot in your living space will feel boring, and every corner will have something appealing to observe.

A lifestyle image of a living room / lounge scene featuring Puffy Lounge Chair, Palo Modular Sofa, Monster Rug, Bon Pouf, Stump Side Table, Monster Throw, and Bon Pouf Round Large.
A lifestyle image of a lounge scene featuring Bon Pouf Round, Palette Cutting Board and Alphabeta Floor Lamp.
Palo Corner Sofa Left, Sunflower (UK)
  • +3
PaloCorner Sofa Left, Sunflower (UK)
Stump Coffee Table Large, Natural
StumpCoffee Table Large, Natural
Bon Pouf Round, Ochre (UK)
  • +14
Bon PoufRound, Ochre (UK)
Monster Rug Extra Large, Beige / Off-white
MonsterRug Extra Large, Beige / Off-white
Palo Single-seater, Cobalt (UK)
  • +4
PaloSingle-seater, Cobalt (UK)
Bon Pouf Round, Red (UK)
  • +14
Bon PoufRound, Red (UK)
Monster Cushion Large, Ultramarine Blue / Off-white
MonsterCushion Large, Ultramarine Blue / Off-white
Stump Side Table, Natural
StumpSide Table, Natural

Accessorize attentively:

Accessories are the final touches that complete and round off your decor. Choose items that reflect your character and add a touch of attention to your interiors. From sculptural vases, and metallic accents to floor lamps or extra wall lighting, even the smallest little thing will add a layer of story to your interior journey. Remember to select wisely to avoid cluttering your space and detracting from the beauty of all the pieces you want in focus.

A lifestyle image of a hall scene featuring Max Bench and Tig Hook.
A lifestyle image of a lounge scene featuring Brute Vase Confetti.
Brute Vase, Confetti
  • +1
BruteVase, Confetti
Tig Hook Quintuple
Tig HookQuintuple
Gemma Box Tall, Ash
Gemma BoxTall, Ash
Peg Hook, Black
  • +1
PegHook, Black
Punched Metal Hook Large, Grey
  • +2
Punched MetalHook Large, Grey

Show off:

Make a bold statement by incorporating striking, one-of-a-kind pieces into your decor or vintage pieces that still complement your room’s palette. Whether it’s a larger-scale piece above the sofa or more of a gallery wall feature of a curated collection of trinkets, art can serve as a focal point that ties the entire room together. Our Hem X limited edition pieces are perfect for giving any space an iconic assertion.
Additionally, go on the hunt for those vintage pieces that resonate with your personality and that you always loved. Your personal collection of items will always make for an interesting collection, regardless of your taste, because it’s authentically you.

A lifestyle image of a lounge scene featuring Wiggle Box Frame, a Hem X limited edition piece.
[Bubble Candelabra](/hem-x/bubble/70048), a [Hem X](/hem-x) limited edition piece.

Bubble Candelabra, a Hem X limited edition piece.

Fura Oiled Solid Pine
Hem X
FuraOiled Solid Pine
Mix Wood Vessel
Hem X
Mix WoodVessel
Power Plinth Silver Metallic
Hem X
Power PlinthSilver Metallic
Bo Stool
Hem X
Bubble Candelabra
Hem X
Speculo Wall Clock, Silver Mirror
Hem X
SpeculoWall Clock, Silver Mirror
Wiggle Box Frame, Walnut
Hem X
WiggleBox Frame, Walnut

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